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Once you have started working in a NSW school/service, and have been granted Provisional or Conditional Accreditation, you need to achieve Proficient Teacher Accreditation within a set timeframe.

Provisionally accredited teachers
Conditionally accredited teachers
Full time teachers
3 years to reach Proficient teacher 4 years to reach Proficient teacher and complete your teaching degree
Casual or part time teachers
5 years to reach Proficient teacher 6 years to reach Proficient teacher and complete your teaching degree

You need to take note of the following regarding timeframes and accreditation:

  • Timeframes vary depending on your employment status so it is important you keep your information up to date on your online account.
  • Applications for extensions can be made under limited circumstances.
  • Your Provisional or Conditional Accreditation formally starts from the date you were eligible to teach, even if you did not start work as a teacher immediately.

Note: Some employers may require a shorter timeframe – you should refer to your employer’s policy on accreditation

Your responsibilities

Contact the NSW Education Standards Authority at if the type of your employment changes (eg full-time, part-time or casual as this may affect your accreditation timeframe) or you move between schools/services or sectors.

When you are ready to finalise your Proficient Teacher accreditation, submit all your supporting documents to your employer at least 3 months prior to the cut-off date; this allows time for processing.

Applying for extension of time

In some circumstances an extension of the maximum period of time to meet accreditation requirements can be granted. Requests for consideration of an extension should be made:

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