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What types of PD count

High quality professional development (PD) helps teachers to continuously improve and maintain their teaching practice. To maintain Proficient Teacher, Highly Accomplished Teacher or Lead Teacher Accreditation you must complete 100 hours of PD over five years full time and seven years for part time teachers.

These 100 hours can be made up of:

  • NESA Registered PD,
  • Teacher Identified PD
  • approved, university or TAFE study.

NESA Registered PD

To help teachers develop their careers, only endorsed PD providers may deliver NESA Registered PD. If you work as a school teacher your 100 hours must include a minimum of 50 hours of NESA Registered PD.

Read the Identifying NESA Registered Professional Development flyer (PDF 159 KB).

If you work as an early childhood teacher and were accredited as a Proficient Teacher in an interim arrangement until 2018, you are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of NESA registered PD.

More information for early childhood teachers maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

This may also include any current TAFE study, which is recognised through an application process to NESA. Download the application for recognition of TAFE as PD (Word 65 KB).

Teacher Identified PD

Teacher Identified PD covers formal and informal training, courses, workshops, seminars and activities you might attend either in or outside of working hours. Teachers can record this as Teacher Identified PD. The following activities may also count as Teacher Identified PD:

  • reflecting on teaching practice
  • planning for the delivery of professional learning
  • observing a teacher colleague’s teaching
  • attending an education related talk or seminar, for example at a museum or art gallery.

Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher Identified PD - Professional Commitment

Teachers accredited at the Highly Accomplished Teacher or Lead Teacher levels must complete an additional requirement under Teacher Identified PD called Professional Commitment activities. These activities demonstrate an ongoing capacity to support the professional development and practice of colleagues and the wider education community.

Examples of Professional Commitment activities include:

  • mentoring and/or coaching teachers, supervising pre-service graduate teachers including interns
  • leading professional development, leading educational forums, or professional teaching associations or networks
  • developing and implementing projects, including research in their early childhood education and care service or school and the wider education community
  • writing for publications that contribute to professional knowledge and discussion for teachers.

Relevant TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate study

You can apply to have current relevant TAFE, postgraduate or further undergraduate study recognised as PD across all levels of accreditation.

More on having further study recognised as PD and how to apply.

PD undertaken outside of NSW

You can apply for recognition of PD undertaken outside of NSW while on a leave of absence.

Download the Application for recognition of interstate and overseas PD (Word 64 KB).

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