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Professional development

Accreditation means that teachers must meet quality standards and keep up to date. Maintaining accreditation ensures continuous development of teachers through participation in high quality professional development. Completing 100 hours of Professional Development forms a key element of maintaining teacher accreditation.

Teachers have guidelines they are required to follow in their choice, selection, validation and reporting of Professional Development, as part of maintaining accreditation.

Types of PD

Teachers have to choose at least 50 hours of PD from NESA registered PD providers with the remaining 50 hours made up of Teacher (self) identified PD to count towards their total hours.

Teacher Identified PD can be both formal and informal activities including training, courses, workshops/seminars.

Teachers accredited at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher levels have to complete an additional requirement under Teacher Identified PD known as Professional Commitment. This is about activities that demonstrate the teacher’s ongoing capacity to support the development and practice of their colleagues and education community.

More on types of suitable PD.

Further study as PD

Teachers maintaining their accreditation at Proficient Teacher, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher levels can apply to have their postgraduate or additional undergraduate studies recognised as PD.

Find out more on undergraduate and post graduate study recognition.

Find a PD course

To assist teachers in their professional development, NESA endorsed providers may offer courses or programs that address the APST at one or more of the career accreditation levels. These are called NESA Registered PD courses.

Access NESA Registered PD courses.

Record PD

Teachers are responsible for checking that their PD is recorded on their online account. Attendance to a NESA Registered course usually appears in your online account within 30 days of delivery. After attending a NESA registered course, you’ll need to evaluate the course via the online account.

How to record your PD course.

Check PD is validated

In addition to ensuring your PD is recorded, it has to also be validated.  Any type of Teacher Identified and Professional Commitment PD recorded on the online account, has to be validated by the TAA (or TAA (A/L) or PD delegate. Teachers should make sure their account details up to date so information can be correctly recorded.

More on checking PD is validated.

To have relevant TAFE and university study recognised as PD and have it recorded, teachers have to apply to have such them recorded as PD. Find out more.

NESA delivered PD

NESA delivers a range of NESA registered PD through hands-on workshops and online courses.

Sign up for NESA delivered training.

Write and submit a report

At the end of each Maintenance of Accreditation cycle the teacher is required to write and submit a Maintenance of Accreditation report. The report has to be written by the teacher and submitted to the TAA or principal between 3-6 months before the end of the maintenance period. They will make the accreditation decision.

Find out more on how to write and submit the report.

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