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Answering your questions

From 1 January 2018, all teachers must be accredited to continue, return to or start teaching in a NSW school.

This is a new requirement for pre-2004 teachers.


Who is a pre-2004 teacher?
When do I need to be accredited by?
How will I be accredited?
Do I need to do anything now?
What if I work as a casual or part time teacher?
I am a school counsellor. Do I need to be accredited too?
I am a school Principal. Do I need to be accredited too?
I am a non-school-based teacher. How will I be accredited?
Will there be a cost?
When will I have to pay?
What if I am not currently teaching but want to teach in the future?
What is the accreditation process for a pre-2004 teacher who is in a non-school or non-service based role?
What are the requirements and timeframes for maintaining my accreditation?
How do I show that I am maintaining my accreditation from 1 January 2018?
What if my qualification isn’t on the list of accredited teaching degrees?
What if I started teaching before 1 October 2004 but have taken a break from teaching in the meantime?
Do teachers in other states and territories need to be accredited?
How will accreditation requirements help to support teacher performance?
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