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Pre-2004 teachers

A pre-2004 teacher is someone who started teaching in a NSW school before 1 October 2004 and has not had a break from teaching for five or more years.

From 1 January 2018, all teachers must be accredited to continue, return to or start teaching in a NSW school. This is a new requirement for pre-2004 teachers.

So if you were employed in a NSW school before 1 October 2004 and have not had a break of more than five years away from teaching, it is almost time to engage with accreditation.

How will I get accredited?

In recognition of the knowledge and skills that pre-2004 teachers have already demonstrated you will be granted full accreditation – Proficient Teacher Accreditation from 1 January 2018.  This will allow you to move immediately into an accreditation maintenance phase.

NESA is currently working with employers across NSW to capture all pre-2004 employees in our syste