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How much

NSW teachers pay an annual fee to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to support accreditation and ongoing professional development and training. Application fees also apply to higher levels of accreditation.

2016 accreditation fee payment

The deadline for payment of 2016 Accreditation Fees was 29 January 2016.

Unless leave of absence application was lodged prior to this date accreditation fees can no longer be waived and  payment must be made.

Payment of the annual fee is a mandatory condition for accreditation.

Annual accreditation fee

The annual accreditation fee is payable by all teachers in NSW who are accredited at the following levels:

How much is the annual accreditation fee?

  • The current fee is $100 and covers the calendar year.
  • Accreditation fees are tax deductible and GST free.

Pay your annual fee now.

Application fees for higher levels of accreditation

BOSTES charges a submission fee to apply for accreditation as a Highly Accomplished ($605) or Lead Teacher ($715).

If you choose to undertake a NSW preliminary assessment prior to submitting your application a $65 fee, which is deducted from your submission fee, is payable.

The submission fee is payable to start your online application, which can be saved and completed over time.

How much?

Fee Highly Accomplished Lead Teacher
Preliminary assessment $65 $65
Submission (with preliminary assessment) $540 $650
Submission (without preliminary assessment) $605 $715

Log into your online account to pay your preliminary assessment or submission fee now.

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