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Maintaining accreditation at proficient teacher

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Maintaining accreditation at proficient teacher

Let's talk accreditation

Watch NESA's head of early childhood Merise Bickley explain early childhood teacher accreditation.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Proficient Teachers demonstrate continued practice against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards) to maintain their accreditation.

The Standards describe the knowledge, skills and understanding expected of teachers at each career stage. Accreditation is the system through which teachers are recognised as meeting the Standards. It ensures the integrity, quality and accountability of the teaching profession and supports continuous engagement in professional development.

How do I engage with the Standards?

Maintenance of accreditation processes ensure you continue to meet the Standards at Proficient Teacher. You can demonstrate this by setting professional goals that relate to the Standards and reflecting on your teaching practice against the Standards.

How long do I have?

Your maintenance cycle will depend on your employment – full-time teachers have a five year maintenance cycle, while casual and part-time teachers have a seven year maintenance cycle.

What do I need to do?

Maintaining your accreditation involves:

  1. Planning and completing at least 100 hours of professional development over the course of the five or seven year cycle.
  2. Demonstrating that your practice continues to meet the Proficient Teacher Standards by writing and submitting a report at the end of the five or seven year cycle.

How do I meet Professional Development requirements?

If you have been accredited at Proficient Teacher, you will need to complete and log a minimum of 100 hours of Professional Development (PD) over the course of the five or seven year cycle.

If you are an Early Childhood Teacher accredited under the transition (which saw currently employed early childhood teachers recognised at Proficient Teacher), this will comprise at least 20 hours of Quality Teacher Council (QTC) Registered PD. The remaining 80 hours can be Teacher Identified PD or QTC Registered PD and/or further study.

Once you complete your first maintenance cycle of 5 or 7 years, this interim arrangement will cease and maintenance requirements will revert to:

  • a minimum of 50 hours of QTC Registered PD
  • 50 hours of Teacher Identified PD or QTC Registered PD and/or further study.

Professional Development activities need to address the seven Standards covering a minimum of one Standard Descriptor from Standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and all Standard Descriptors in Standard 6.

QTC Registered Professional Development

QTC Registered PD has met the rigorous approval criteria to support the knowledge, skills and capabilities of teachers and assures that the professional development is of the highest quality. Courses are aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and address the diverse needs of teachers across all sectors and settings.

Early Childhood Teachers can begin attending QTC Registered PD from 18 July 2016. There are over 400 professional development providers which run QTC registered courses that all teachers can choose from. There are a growing number of providers which offer QTC Registered Courses tailored specifically to the needs of early childhood teachers. These include:

Teacher Identified Professional Development

Teacher Identified PD is PD you select, that is not registered. This PD can include formal and informal training, courses, networking, workshops, seminars, professional readings, reflections and professional activities. The activities should have a clear professional developmental focus, and occur when teachers are not teaching children in an education and care service. Teacher Identified PD can take place at work, in the wider early childhood and education community or at home.

What happens at the end of my maintenance period?

At the end of your five or seven year maintenance cycle you need to write and submit a Maintenance of Accreditation Report. This report should demonstrate that your practice continues to meet the Standards at Proficient Teacher.

How do I log my PD?

As a teacher maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation, you are responsible for ensuring your PD has been recorded in your online account.

If the course you attended was a QTC Registered course, you will be asked for your Teacher Accreditation number by the PD provider (this is your six digit login number). The course should then appear on your online account within 30 days of completing the course. Once your participation has been recorded by the endorsed provider, you will need to evaluate the course.

For Teacher Identified courses, you are responsible for adding the PD to your record.

See record professional development for more information.

Who to Contact

For general questions about maintenance of accreditation requirements, contact

Any other questions please e-mail us at .

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