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Taking a break

Are you planning on taking a break from teaching in NSW? You can apply to put your NSW accreditation and fees on hold.

While you are on a leave of absence you cannot work as a teacher in NSW. If you intend to work, even for one day, you will need to reactivate your accreditation.

Leave of absence 

If you are taking a break away from teaching for a period of six months to five years, you can put your NSW accreditation on hold via a leave of absence. Reasons for a leave of absence can include time away from teaching due to maternity leave, sickness, moving out of NSW or finding employment in a different industry.

How to take leave of absence

Teaching interstate

If you are a NSW teacher planning to work in another state you should apply for a leave of absence. This will put your NSW accreditation and fees on hold. You will need to reactivate your accreditation before you can return to teach in NSW. You will need to contact the teaching regulatory body in the state you plan to work in for information ab