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Your accreditation

Accreditation celebrates quality teaching and inspirational teachers. It means that teachers must have a teaching qualification, meet quality standards and keep up to date.

From 1 January 2018 all teachers must be accredited by NESA to start, continue, or return to teaching in a school or early childhood service in NSW.

Accreditation is a new requirement for school teachers, who started teaching before 1 October 2004. Accreditation requirements were introduced for early childhood teachers in 2017 and new and returning school teachers in 2004.

Future teachers

Are you considering teaching as a profession?  There are a number of ways to become a primary or a high (secondary) school or early childhood teacher in NSW.

Preparing quality teachers requires quality initial teacher education (ITE) programs. NESA accredits all teaching degrees. This includes setting pre-requisites for admission to four year degrees and graduate entry teaching degrees.

There are many higher education providers of teaching degrees in Australia. If you are a considering a teaching career you need to find an accredited program that suits your needs.

More information for future teachers.

Pre-2004 school teachers