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Program assessment process

Initial teacher education (ITE) providers need to submit their application for program accreditation no later than 8 months before planned delivery of the program.  

NESA’s process to assess programs involves the following steps.

Stage 1: NESA checks the application

When the ITE provider’s application is submitted, NESA’s ITE team will check to make sure it accords with policy requirements. An Accreditation Panel will be established to assess the program/s and includes a Panel Chair to oversee the assessment supported by an Executive Officer from the ITE team. The Executive Officer will be the point of contact for the ITE provider during the program assessment process.

Stage 2: Assessment by an Accreditation Panel

The Accreditation Panel reviews the program application and meets within a number of weeks to collectively assess it against NESA’s requirements. The Accreditation Panel may also communicate with the ITE provider during or after the meeting and may undertake a site visit to assist with their assessment.

The Accreditation Panel’s assessment is documented in a Draft Accreditation Report which is agreed to by Panel members and sent to the ITE provider. The ITE provider needs to respond to all aspects of the Draft Accreditation Report which may require clarifying or revising aspects of the program to meet NESA’s requirements.

The Executive Officer is available to assist the ITE provider on how to respond to the Draft Accreditation Report.

Stage 3: Panel Chair recommendation

The Panel Chair reviews the ITE provider’s response to make sure it addresses all the matters raised in the Draft Accreditation Report. In some cases, the Panel Chair may ask the ITE provider to provide additional advice or may recommend reconvening the Accreditation Panel.

Based on the assessment of the response/s from the ITE provider, the Panel Chair will determine whether all matters described in the Draft Accreditation Report have been addressed. The Panel Chair will recommend whether to accredit the program or not. In consultation with the Panel Chair the Executive Officer will prepare a final Accreditation Report to the Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC).

Stage 4: Decision by ITEC

At a scheduled meeting, the ITEC considers the final Accreditation Report and the Panel Chair’s recommendation when making its decision whether to approve the accreditation of the program.  

The ITEC meets a number of times each year and is responsible for approving the accreditation of programs in NSW. The ITEC can also impose conditions, suspend or revoke the approval of accredited programs.

Stage 5: Confirmation of ITEC decision

NESA will formally advise the ITE provider of the ITEC’s decision. If the decision is to approve, the program is accredited for up to five years. The program will be included on the NSW list of accredited teaching programs and the national accredited programs list maintained by AITSL.

The ITE provider is required to submit to NESA a final record copy of the accredited program to be held as a State Record. 

For more information Download the Teacher Education Program Accreditation Process (PDF 200 KB)

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