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Submit programs for accreditation

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Submit programs for accreditation

Initial teacher education providers need to submit applications for program accreditation no later than eight months before planned delivery of the program. Review the steps for submitting a program and having it assessed.

Stage 1: Prepare and send program documents

  1. Prepare a folder which includes one double sided copy of all your documentation. Where a number of programs is submitted simultaneously only one copy of those units common to the programs should be in the submission. Unit outlines for those units specific to a particular program (such as discipline units in a secondary program) should be clearly categorised by individual program.
  2. Post the folder to:
    Initial Teacher Education
    NSW Education Standards Authority
    GPO Box 5300
    SYDNEY 2001

Stage 2: NESA checks your submission

  1. The ITE team checks your submission includes all of the above documentation.
  2. If gaps are identified, the ITE team will ask you to provide these documents.
  3. Once submission is complete, the ITE team will let you know that multiple copies of the documentation should be made and sent to NESA to be forwarded to the Accreditation Panel members. The ITE team will also let you know when the Accreditation Panel will meet to review the program(s). It is important the Accreditation Panel members have at least four weeks reading time prior to the meeting day.

Stage 3: Assessment by the Accreditation Panel

  1. The accreditation panel will review all program accreditation documents prior to the meeting to assess the program/s.
  2. After the meeting a Draft Accreditation Report detailing the outcome of the meeting will be sent to you. The Draft Accreditation Report may request clarifications and/or changes to the program.
  3. Your reply to the Draft Accreditation Report will include any revised unit outlines and should be sent to the Executive Officer for the Accreditation Panel.
  4. Once the Chair of the accreditation panel is satisfied all requests have been adequately actioned, a recommendation for program accreditation will be made to the Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC).

Stage 4: Review by ITEC

  1. ITEC reviews the recommendation by the Chair of the Accreditation Panel and, once ITEC is satisfied the program meets all accreditation requirements, the ITEC will recommend that the Minister for Education accredits the program/s.

Stage 5: Minister accredits program/s

  1. On advice from the ITEC the Minister may accredit the program/s. Once the Minister has accredited the program/s, the Chief Executive of NESA will inform you of the Minister’s decision.
  2. NESA will add details of the degree/s to the NSW list of accredited programs and on advice from NESA, AITSL will add the program/s to the national register of accredited programs.
  3. You may now advertise that the program/s is accredited.
  4. You submit a final copy of the program, incorporating any changes made as a result of the Accreditation Panel assessment, to NESA to be held as a State Record.

More information

View the Teacher Education Program Accreditation Process (PDF 200 KB).

Contact the ITE team by email at or call 1300 739 338 (within Australia).

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