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Initial Teacher Education Committee

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Initial Teacher Education Committee

To foster the development of high quality graduate teachers in NSW, NESA’s regulatory functions in ITE are performed by the Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC).    

ITEC operates within its Terms of Reference which assigns a number of responsibilities including to:
  • approve the accreditation of ITE programs delivered in NSW  
  • convene and oversee Accreditation Panels which are responsible for assessing ITE programs submitted for approval
  • monitor, evaluate and report the quality of accredited ITE programs
  • promote effect partnerships between ITE providers and schools
  • develop policy to improve ITE in NSW.

Committee representation

ITEC comprises 11 members including representatives from the following:
  • teachers and principals
  • teacher employers
  • NSW Council of Deans of Education
  • NSW Vice-Chancellors’ Committee.
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