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Final year student data

Each year, NSW initial teacher education providers play a critical role in providing accurate final year student data to support their accreditation as teachers.

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) uses this data to make accreditation decisions on the subjects that graduates will be qualified to teach in NSW government schools.

Based on the data provided, students may be granted either Conditional or Provisional Accreditation:

  • Conditional Accreditation is granted upon commencement of the final year of their teacher education qualification. Some final year students may receive Conditional Accreditation well before the end of the year. Students can then work as a teacher while they complete their studies.
  • Provisional Accreditation is granted upon successful completion of a recognised course of initial teacher education.

To provide this data, initial education providers should download the data exchange template (Excel spreadsheet, 32 KB) and email their completed spreadsheet to by 30 April each year.

Information on ITE Data Exchange Template

From 2009 teacher education institutions (TEI) are required to supply data on students who are expected to graduate from Institute-approved programs in each year.

This data exchange between institutions and the Institute will establish the concept of a ‘one stop shop’ in the assessment of graduate teacher qualifications for employment and accreditation (as advised in the Update for Teacher Educators distributed to Deans in July 2008).

This data will enable a Statement of Eligibility for Accreditation to Teach in a NSW school to be prepared for the Graduate Teacher, and for prospective employers, and provide specific advice about what subjects graduates will be approved to teach with the NSW Department of Education and Training.

There will be two collection periods: in April to collect data on final year students and their selected teaching areas, and in January (of the following year) to confirm that the students have completed their program.

The Data Exchange Template is a list of the columns the Institute requires to be populated with data on individual students. It is necessary for the TEI to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet and email it to the Manager of Teacher Accreditation Eligibility at Any queries regarding the format of the data exchange file should be directed to Dave Cranmer on 9268 6324. 

Data fields

Teacher Education Institution (provider) name

  • The name must appear as per the list of names on the Institute template

Initial Teacher Education program title

ITE program code

  • The program code that the institution uses to identify the  program

Program type

  • Undergraduate or graduate entry

Concurrent study required

  • Graduate Entry programs only - note here if the student was required to complete concurrent study to meet the NSWIT Subject Content Requirements

Concurrent study completed

  • Graduate Entry programs only - note here if the student has completed all required concurrent study

Student first name

Student middle name

Student last name

Student birth date

  • The student’s date of birth is required as a unique identifier.

Student commencement date

  • Date format must be YYYY/01/01. The date will always be 1 January of the year the student commenced the program.

Student date of anticipated completion of program

  • Date format must be YYYY/12/31. The date will always be 31 December of the year the student is expected to complete the program.

Bachelor degree title (for Graduate Entry programs only)

  • Where the program is graduate entry supply the name of the student’s undergraduate degree

Bachelor degree institution (for Graduate Entry programs only)

  • Where the program is graduate entry supply the name of the institution where the student obtained their undergraduate degree.

Teaching areas (as per Subject Content Requirements)

  • For primary programs enter Primary in the First Teaching Area column.
  • For secondary programs enter first teaching area as per the list of teaching areas on the template.
    Note that the teaching area MUST be as per this list and ONLY the teaching areas on the list may be entered. Do not include the key learning area.
  • For secondary programs enter any second or additional teaching areas in additional columns.
  • For Languages enter the language as per the list on the template.
  • For Industrial Technology enter either:
    • Industrial Technology automotives
    • Industrial Technology electronics
    • Industrial Technology graphics
    • Industrial Technology metal
    • Industrial Technology multimedia
    • Industrial Technology timber.

More information

Contact the ITE team by email or call 1300 739 338 (within Australia).

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