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Initial Teacher Education

All initial teacher education (ITE) programs in NSW undergo a rigorous accreditation process coordinated by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). This involves in-depth review of design, content, assessment and professional experience components of all ITE programs.

In preparation for accreditation, NESA works collaboratively with program providers to ensure teaching degrees reflect the:

Get a teaching program(s) accredited

To ensure graduates have the necessary foundations to be accredited to teach in NSW schools and other child learning services, NESA assesses initial teacher education (ITE) programs offered through universities and higher education institutions.

This is particularly important, following revisions to national accreditation standards and procedures that took effect from 2016.

ITE program assessment considers program structure, curriculum content and assessment of professional experience components and whether it meets accreditation standards. Accreditation panels that include representatives from the teaching profession, assess ITE programs delivered by NSW providers.

Annual Data Exchange requirements

To help NESA (previously BOSTES) process a teaching graduate’s application for accreditation, universities and other higher education providers should submit data each year through NESA’s Data Exchange.

Learn how to submit data.

Initial Teacher Education Committee (ITEC)

With the establishment of the new NSW Education Standards Authority from 1 January 2017 the responsibilities and membership of the Initial Teacher Education Committee are being reviewed.

Details on the role of the ITEC, its membership and proposed meeting dates will be made available when finalised.

Information for students

Teaching is a rewarding profession that can change lives. To help ensure NSW trains quality teachers, NESA (previously BOSTES) accredits teaching programs that meet a range of requirements.

More on how to become teacher, find an choose the right accredited course.

More information

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 1300 739 338.

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