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Proficient teacher report

A teacher’s accreditation at Proficient Teacher level is finalised when the Teacher Accreditation Authority (TAA) signs the Accreditation Report. This report is written by a supervising teacher or school mentor and is accompanied by annotated evidence collected by the teacher based on their own teaching practice. Templates are available to download.

Tips for writing an Accreditation Report

  • The Accreditation Report should clearly describe the teacher’s practice. It does not necessarily refer to annotated evidence included, but the supervisor’s knowledge and experience of their work as a whole. Good reports are specific to the teacher and demonstrate a strong knowledge of their work. The report accompanies the evidence of the candidate’s demonstration of the Standards. Read what teachers need to prepare.
  • The report does not need to include the steps taken by the teacher to achieve accreditation.
  • Once the report is written and the teacher’s evidence submitted, both documents go to the school principal for review. If the school principal is not a TAA, the submission will be sent to the TAA for review and authorisation.

Next steps

The TAA will review the documents and make an accreditation decision. In some instances, they may return it for changes or additions. If the TAA is certain the report meets the Standards, they forward the documents to The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

Useful reading and downloads

Proficient Teacher Accreditation Report Template (PDF, 565 KB)

Example Proficient Teacher supervisor report

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