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Home schooling consultative group meeting

Friday, 14 October 2016, 2.00pm

BOSTES Boardroom, Level 7 117 Clarence Street, Sydney


  1. Minutes of the HSCG meeting on 1 July 2016
  2. Draft Writing Brief for the revision of the Registration for Home Schooling NSW – Information Package
  3. General Business


  • David Murphy (Chair)
  • Chris Krogh
  • Carmen Smith
  • Emma Vieira
  • Michael Wheeler
  • Gabrielle Oslington
  • David Roy
  • Don Carter
  • Robyn Bale


Present: David Murphy (Chair), Chris Krogh, Carmen Smith, Emma Vieira, Michael Wheeler, Gabrielle Oslington, David Roy, Don Carter, Glenda Rowan (representing Robyn Bale)

In attendance: Bronwyn Hession, Mark McCrossin

Action Arising


Minutes of the HSCG meeting on 1 July 2016

The minutes of the 1 July were confirmed out of session and have been published on the HSCG webpage.

The request for data relating to withdrawn applications will be made available at the next HSCG meeting.


Draft Writing Brief for the Revision of the Registration for Home Schooling NSW – Information Package

Feedback on the draft Writing Brief was considered.

The draft Writing Brief will be finalised based on the feedback received.

The Writing Brief will guide the development of a draft revised Information Package for further consultation with stakeholders.

The BOSTES to finalise the draft Writing Brief and commence the process for drafting a revised Information Package as per the schedule published on the BOSTES’ website


General business

3.1 Meeting of the HSCG on 24 November 2016:
The 24 November meeting of the HSCG has been rescheduled to Friday 2 December 2016 at 2.00pm following consideration by members of proposed alternate meeting dates.

3.2 Committee Self-Assessment Questionnaire:
At the 2 December HSCG meeting, members will be asked to complete an anonymous self-assessment in regards the HSCG meetings held during 2016.

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