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Registration process for monitoring the government schooling system

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Registration process for monitoring the government schooling system

In accordance with section 27A of the Education Act 1990 the NSW Education Standards Authority ('NESA') is to monitor and provide advice to the Minister for Education and the Secretary of the Department of Education ('the Department') on the compliance by NSW government schools with requirements similar to those that apply to the registration of non-government schools.

NESA responsibilities involve monitoring the implementation of a system’s procedures to provide an independent verification that they remain consistent with the system’s documented policies and procedures and effective for monitoring the compliance of its schools with the relevant manual requirements.

NESA implements two processes for the purposes of system monitoring:

  • System monitoring – cyclical
  • System monitoring – random selection.

The characteristics of these two processes are described in the NSW Education Standards Authority System Monitoring comparison table.

A process and criteria for the annual selection of the sample of government schools has been developed. This will ensure that over a five year period, the schools selected will be representative of the diversity of government schools in relation to characteristics such as Years of schooling, regional and metropolitan location, type of school and identified risk-based factors.

NESA and the Department will continue to consult on the registration process and the source and nature of documentation necessary to demonstrate policy implementation and compliance with the requirements. The requirements are described in Section 4 of the Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual.

NESA's registration process will have particular regard to minimising any additional burden on individual schools and on utilising any existing or future Department systems or processes that serve a similar purpose to NESA's systems or processes.

For government schools, further information about the Department’s system processes:

Michele Howland
Leadership and High Performance
NSW Department of Education
(02) 9266 8361

General enquiries about the NESA process:

Stan Browne
Senior Inspector, Registration and Accreditation Directorate
(02) 9367 8156

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