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High school (Years 7 to 10)

The transition to secondary school is marked by many changes in educational expectations and practices.

Your primary school child will probably have been taught in a single classroom, with the same classmates, and by one to three teachers.

In secondary school they will most likely be in classes comprised of different students for different subjects.  Classes may be held in different classrooms, with more teachers, and often with different expectations for performance and responsibility.

Your new secondary school may have a transition program to help students develop a sense of belonging at their new secondary school.

Year 7-10 syllabus

During Years 7 to 10 your child will learn the following syllabuses.


During high school your child will sit NAPLAN in Years 7 and 9.

NAPLAN tests the skills children need to progress through school and life.  They are undertaken nationwide, every year and in the second week of May. 

You will receive your child’s results in the form of a NAPLAN report in August that year.

In 2017, all NSW schools will continue with paper-based delivery of the NAPLAN tests. Schools and parents will be advised early 2017 when NSW schools will transition to NAPLAN Online.

More information about NAPLAN.

Reporting and awards

During high school, you will usually receive two reports issued by your child’s school on their annual progress during Years 7 – 10.

The Common Grade Scale explains the grades awarded by teachers

Your child’s school may also have school specific examinations or testing throughout the school year.  Please refer to your own school for their assessment schedule.

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