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2017 NAPLAN tests

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NAPLAN handbooks

HSC Minimum Standard

Learn how NAPLAN in Year 9 can affect the HSC minimum standard in literacy and numeracy.

When the tests are administered

Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit for NAPLAN in May every year.

The tests are administered over three days from Tuesday 9 - Thursday 11 May, 2017. 

View key dates for NAPLAN 2017.

Types of tests

For students in Years 3 and 5, there are four tests covering numeracy, reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, punctuation and grammar).

For students in Years 7 and 9, there are four tests covering numeracy, reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, punctuation and grammar). The numeracy test has two parts – a calculator allowed test and a non-calculator test.

View example tests

Test results and student reports are released in August.

Who administers NAPLAN?

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for the central management of NAPLAN.

Education Standards is the NSW Test Administration Authority and is responsible for administering NAPLAN tests in NSW schools.

Contact our NAPLAN team (Phone: +61 2 9367 8382) for more information.

Find out more about NAPLAN in Catholic and Independent schools.

NAPLAN online

In 2017, all NSW schools will continue with paper-based delivery of the NAPLAN tests. Schools and parents will be advised early 2017 when NSW schools will transition to NAPLAN Online.

This approach follows agreement by the Education Ministers for a three-year transition to NAPLAN Online from 2017.

ACARA provides key national information about NAPLAN Online, including frequently asked questions.

Research and development program

ACARA has led significant planning, research and development over several years for the transition from pencil-and-paper delivery to NAPLAN Online.

Technical requirements

ACARA has provided information on the technical requirements for schools to deliver the NAPLAN Online tests.

Test design

NAPLAN Online will use a tailored test design that delivers different sets of questions in 'testlets' to students depending on their achievement on previous questions. This adaptive testing will match questions to an individual student's achievement level in a way that is not feasible for paper-based testing. This will lead to more precise measurements of student ability.

Test timetable

While NAPLAN Online will enable greater variation in the design of test items, the domains assessed in the online test will be the same as the paper-based test. The sequence for the online tests is as follows:

     1. Writing  > 2. Reading  > 3. Conventions of Language  > 4. Numeracy

ACARA has produced an infographic to explain the order of testing and the expanded test window for NAPLAN Online.

View the test timetable  

Test administration

The National Protocols for Test Administration (NPTA) which set out the standard conditions for administering the tests will remain largely unchanged in the transition online.

The supporting administrative system will change for schools undertaking the tests online. The NAPLAN Online system is intended to provide a single point of reference for all functions to support the administration and delivery of the tests.

Public demonstration site

From November 2016, a public demonstration site is available on the ACARA website for schools, students and the public to access. The site has:

  • information on technical requirements
  • a user guide
  • practice tests in each domain and for all NAPLAN year levels which feature the different types of test questions that may be in the NAPLAN Online tests.
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