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School Developed Board Endorsed Courses

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School Developed Board Endorsed Courses

A School Developed Board Endorsed Course (SDBEC) is any course not developed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) that is submitted to NESA for endorsement in Stage 5 for RoSA or in Stage 6 as Year 11 or Year 12 units. SDBECs may be endorsed for a maximum of four years.

Deadline for applications is 7 April 2017 (for course delivery in 2018). Read the Guidelines here.


Why do schools apply to deliver an SDBEC?

SDBECs are written where the particular curriculum needs of Stage 5 or Stage 6 students cannot be met by Board Developed syllabuses or other types of Board Endorsed Courses (Content Endorsed Courses and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses).

Can an SDBEC proposal cover any content?

No. There are restrictions on the type of courses that schools can apply to deliver. The following course proposals will NOT be endorsed:

  • Stage 5 course proposals in English, Mathematics and Science
  • course proposals that significantly overlap the content of existing Board Developed or Content Endorsed Courses
  • Stage 5 course proposals with a vocational purpose.

What about Stage 6 vocational courses?

These guidelines apply only to courses that are part of the general curriculum. Any Stage 6 proposal that addresses vocational aspects of the curriculum needs to be considered under the processes for endorsing Vocational Education and Training Board Endorsed Courses (VET BECs).

Who needs to apply for an SDBEC?

  • Schools seeking to have a new course endorsed.
  • Schools wishing to continue offering a course whose endorsement expires at the end of the year. The complete course needs to be re-submitted for appraisal via Schools Online.

How do I know if a current endorsement is about to expire?

You can view all SDBECs for which your school has a current endorsement via Schools Online in the Board Endorsed Course Proposals section. School Principals or other authorised persons in schools can provide access to this section of Schools Online.

I am seeking to renew a current endorsement. Why do I have to re-submit the course?

NESA requires all courses seeking an endorsement to be submitted for appraisal. We encourage schools to use this as an opportunity to evaluate the course that has been delivered over the current period, typically four years, and amend and enhance the course if appropriate. It is also an opportunity to review the Criteria for endorsement (Section 3 of these Guidelines) to ensure that these continue to be met. A new period of endorsement for a currently endorsed course is not automatic.

How can an SDBEC application be made?

Applications for both new courses and renewals are made electronically via Schools Online (Administration). See How to complete an application and the step-by-step guide for applying via Schools Online (Administration) for details.

I already have my course in electronic form. Can I copy and paste?

Yes, although any text formatting will be lost.

Can a course proposal be submitted for a group of schools?

Yes. One school or an agency, eg Catholic Diocese, will need to take the lead and submit the proposal. See Group endorsements for more details.

How are SDBECs credentialled?

Stage 5 courses

Stage 6 courses where delivery occurs in the Preliminary year

  • Via Schools Online (Administration), schools submit a grade (A–E) based on the Common Grade Scale for Preliminary Courses (see Reporting on School Developed Board Endorsed Courses).
  • The course and grade will appear on a student’s Record of School Achievement.

Stage 6 courses where delivery occurs in the HSC year

  • Via Schools Online (Administration), schools submit a mark out of 50 (1-unit course) or 100 (2-unit course).
  • These marks should be aligned to the Performance Descriptions for Reporting Achievement in Stage 6 Board Endorsed Courses (see Reporting on School Developed Board Endorsed Courses).
  • There is no external Higher School Certificate examination.
  • These courses are non-ATAR.
  • The course and mark will appear on a student's Higher School Certificate Record of Achievement.

Stage 5 or 6 Life Skills courses

  • The course will appear on a student's Record of School Achievement or Higher School Certificate Record of Achievement as ‘completed’.
  • No grades, marks or outcomes achieved are submitted.

Who can I contact for help?

For general assistance with the application process email

For Board Endorsed Programs contact the Senior Project Officer, Special Education on 9367 8036. For KLA-related inquiries, see contact information in the course proposal guidelines.