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Mathematics STEM Pathway – Stage 5

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Mathematics STEM Pathway for Stage 5

This is one of two additional Pathways available for students studying Stage 5 Mathematics. These Pathways are supported by teaching and learning resources including suggested Scope and Sequences and resourced programs. The second pathway is Mathematics STEM Advanced Pathway.

Choosing the Mathematics STEM Pathway for Stage 5

Candidates for this Pathway have shown during Years 7 and 8 that the 5.1 Pathway is suitable for them in Year 9.

This Pathway is written to elevate these students to achieve the 5.2 Outcomes recommended as minimum preparation for a Stage 6 Mathematics Standard and mathematical understandings that are applicable to a range of VET courses. Additionally this Pathway provides opportunity for students to engage with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) level 3 numeracy standard.

Maths STEM Pathway for Stage 5

Suggested scope and sequence

Download the full version of the Sample scope and sequence Mathematics Stage 5 – STEM pathway (PDF, 5 pages, 266KB)  (Word, 5 pages, 37KB).

Content has been selected from within existing Stage 4 and 5 Outcomes for its contribution to ongoing learning for 'traditional 5.1' students. Some Content has been excluded. A significant number of Content 'dot points' are compacted. Content is combined in a way intended to improve students' mathematical 'fluency' and develop connections between the Mathematics and real-world applications.

Sample units of work

Unit 1: Tools of the Trade

Increase student self-awareness as daily, successful users of maths. Present formulae as efficient tools to make work easier and more reliable. Demonstrate STEM connections to VET courses.

Teaching and learning resource: Tools of the Trade sample unit (PDF, 16 pages, 398KB)  (Word, 16 pages, 76KB)

Outcomes addressed: MA4-2WM, MA4-4NA, MA4-8NA, MA5.1-9MG

Duration: 10 weeks

Unit 2: Build Make Create

Students develop their own idea for an improvement to their school's environment into a model which is refined each time they learn a new maths skill. This allows them to see their ability to refine and share their ideas increasing as they develop the mathematical skills to be precise about measurement, scale and location. Students combine mathematical skills to solve real-world STEM problems.

Teaching and learning resource: Build Make Create sample unit (PDF, 31 pages, 734KB)  (Word, 31 pages, 112KB)

Outcomes addressed: MA4-7NA, MA4-16MG, MA5.1-8MG, MA5.110MG, MA5.1-11MG

Duration: 15 weeks

Unit 3: Money Matters

Media reports about employment, average salary, inflation and housing costs can be disturbing to young people unsure of how they are going to 'make a living'. Empower students by developing their understanding of statistical and financial information. Contribute to student confidence about entering the workforce by developing their understanding of rates of pay, employee rights and responsibilities (such as working hours, conditions and tax). Increase student awareness of STEM-related VET careers.

Teaching and learning resource: Money Matters sample unit (PDF, 17 pages, 712KB)  (Word, 17 pages, 76KB )

Outcomes addressed: MA4-7NA, MA5.1-4NA, MA5.1-12SP

Duration: 15 weeks

Unit 4: Decision-Makers

Increase student ability to gather, sort and summarise information as part of the decision-making process. Combine probability and data Content in order to make comparisons. Explore the role of data in STEM research and development.

Teaching and learning resource: Decision-Makers sample unit (PDF, 12 pages, 521KB)  (Word, 17 pages, 52KB)

Outcomes addressed: MA5.1-12SP, MA5.1-13SP, MA5.2-15SP

Duration: 10 weeks

Unit 5: From Here to There

Equip students to select relevant information from a diagram or written description and appropriate degrees of accuracy for practical situations. The science, technology and engineering feats that allow modern flight provide context for the mathematics of location, gradient and coordinate geometry.

Please note that the coordinate geometry components of this unit prepare students to fit trend-lines to data in Stage 6.

Teaching and learning resource: From Here to There sample unit (PDF, 19 pages, 641KB)  (Word, 19 pages, 71KB)

Outcomes addressed: MA5.1-6NA, MA5.2-9NA, MA5.1-10MG, MA5.2-13MG

Duration: 12 weeks

Unit 6: Theme Park

Allow students to realise that technological and social advancements can be made in relative safety due to the mathematics of describing curves, growth and change. From drug dosages to financial investments, launching satellites to servicing roller-coasters, predicting populations and their growing needs, STEM professionals refer to a set of trusted equations.

Teaching and learning resource: Theme Park sample unit (PDF, 15 pages, 663KB)  (Word, 15 pages, 61KB)

Outcomes addressed: MA5.1-7NA, MA5.2-4NA, MA5.2-10NA

Duration: 12 weeks

More information

Several Stage 4 outcomes are included. All 5.1 outcomes and 5.2 outcomes described as ‘recommended minimum content for Year 11 Mathematics Standard are included, with the exception of 5.1-5NA Indices. 

Indices will be practised by students on the Mathematics STEM Pathway in the context of scientific notation, and area and volume formulae. Rather than learn the index laws, these students will be encouraged to apply indices in practical contexts and use digital technologies to evaluate terms expressed in index notation.

Outcomes and Content

The outcomes and content document showcases the specific Stage 5 material accessed by this Pathway.

Download the Mathematics Stage 5 – STEM Pathway – Outcomes and Content (PDF, 11 pages, 2.8MB).

Complementary Content