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Teaching and learning cycle

A teacher using sign language to communicate with her students

The English K–6 Support Materials for Students with Special Education Needs provide advice, support and strategies to assist teachers to meet the learning needs of students experiencing difficulties in the English Key Learning Area.

It is important to identify how the particular needs of students can be met throughout the teaching and learning cycle. Through assessment, planning, programming, implementation and evaluation, a learning environment can be created that supports students to achieve relevant syllabus outcomes.


Assessment processes and strategies

  • How can I ensure assessment is effective?
  • What are the different forms of assessment and when are they appropriate?
  • What evidence is required to make judgements about students’ learning?
  • What adjustments are appropriate to enable students to access assessment opportunities?
  • How will this evidence be gathered?
  • Is there sufficient evidence that students have made progress as a result of these experiences?
  • How can criteria for assessing learning be established to inform the learning process?


Planning for student learning

  • How can the collaborative curriculum planning process be used to make decisions about students’ learning?


Programming to meet learning goals

  • How do I select outcomes that will be addressed?
  • What content, learning experiences and instruction will allow students to demonstrate these outcomes?


Implementing the program using appropriate procedures, strategies, resources and organisation

  • What procedures and strategies will be effective in achieving students’ learning goals?
    • Presenting new material in small steps
    • Helping students to develop an organisation for new material
    • Feedback
    • Moving students through phases of learning
    • Supporting students to use learning strategies (cognitive and metacognitive)
  • How can resources influence the effectiveness of the program?
  • What adjustments are appropriate to enable students to participate in teaching and learning experiences?
  • How should students be grouped to enable relevant learning outcomes to be achieved?


Evaluating the effectiveness of the program

  • How can judgements be made about the effectiveness of the teaching and learning program?

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