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Parent guide

Whether your child is beginning school or transitioning into high school, navigating the NSW school system needn’t be a daunting experience.

To help you understand what’s involved with your child attending school, the NSW Education Standards authority has created this Parents Guide.

We cover all the stages of schooling from starting school in Kindergarten to finishing high school, and provide advice about how you can support your child during their time at school.

Find out more about:

  • Schooling in NSW – learn about the school curriculum and syllabuses, learning stages, types of schools, home schooling and school terms and holidays in NSW.
  • Transitioning to school – when to start school, booking into school, helping your child transition, building your child’s confidence, working with your school, what to expect the first few weeks of school and dealing with a stressed child.
  • Primary school (K – 6) – what your child will learn, integrated units and special needs.
  • High school (Years 7 –10) – transition to high school, Years 7 – 10 syllabus, NAPLAN and reporting and awards.
  • High school (Years 11 – 12) – what is the HSC and the RoSA, HSC syllabus, exams, special provisions and illness, reporting, replacement statements, awards and resources.
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