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Reminder: new names for Stage 6 Heritage and Background Speaker syllabuses

10 February 2017
Official notice

BOSTES 38/16

Who needs to read this notice:

  • Principals
  • Curriculum co-ordinators
  • Year advisers
  • Careers advisers
  • HSC co-ordinators
  • Head Teachers, Languages
  • Teachers of Heritage or Background Speaker courses

The names of the HSC Heritage and Background Speaker courses are changing. The new nomenclatures relate to course content rather than the targeted learner group as was previously the case. The changes apply to courses in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean.

From the beginning of 2017:

  • Heritage [Language] HSC courses will be renamed  [Language] in Context
  • [Language] Background Speakers HSC courses will be renamed  [Language] and Literature.

These changes apply to the course name only. There are no changes to the syllabuses or examination specifications.

For courses where a new name applies, a new course number will be created. Contact the Student Records Team if you require assistance creating 2017 student entries using the new course numbers in Schools Online.

For more curriculum information, contact:
Lyn Sully
Inspector, Languages
(02) 9367 8152

For more Schools Online information, contact:
Student Records Team
(02) 9367 8001

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