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Update: New HSC Maths Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 syllabuses

21 April 2017
News story

The NESA Board has decided to postpone implementation of the new HSC calculus-based maths syllabuses until 2019, to ensure the syllabuses are of the highest quality, and schools have time to develop effective programs for teaching the syllabuses.

The new HSC Maths Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 syllabuses will now be released later this year for Year 11 students to study from 2019. This will also mean that they will be first examined on a common scale in the 2020 HSC.

The decision follows extensive consultation with teachers, schools, universities and the community to review the calculus-based HSC maths syllabuses. Most recently this has included targeted consultation with experts from schools, sectors, and universities to strengthen the draft syllabuses, which are currently being reviewed by independent experts.

The new calculus-based maths syllabuses were originally scheduled for implementation along with the HSC Maths Standard, Maths Life Skills , English, Science and History syllabuses, which were released earlier this year. There is no change to the implementation timeframe for these syllabuses, which will be studied by Year 11 students from 2018 and examined for the first time in the 2019 HSC.

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