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Review of current Stage 6 Mathematics calculus-based courses School-based Assessment Requirements

12 May 2017
News story

Topic: HSC

Learning areas: Mathematics

Stages: Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12)

Consultation begins today on the draft school-based assessment components and weightings for the current Stage 6 Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 courses. This follows the NESA Board’s decision to postpone the release and implementation of the new Stage 6 calculus-based Mathematics syllabuses. 

The school-based assessment requirements for all Stage 6 Board Developed Courses, excluding VET, Life Skills, and Content Endorsed Courses, are currently being reviewed and amended to reflect the Stronger HSC Standards reforms.

Consultation opportunities to provide feedback include an online survey or sending a written submission.

Further information about the  proposed amendments to school-based assessment components and weightings are available on the NESA website.

Consultation ends on Sunday 4 June 2017.

Revised school-based assessment components and weightings and sample assessment schedules for Year 11 and Year 12 will be published in July for implementation with Year 11 in 2018 and from Term 4, 2018 for Year 12.

For more information about the HSC reforms, read about the Stronger HSC Standards

For more information, contact: 
Anna Wethereld
Inspector, Mathematics and Numeracy
(02) 9367 8103

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