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HSC Showcase season launch – featuring 398 students from the 2016 HSC

30 January 2017
Media release

Topic: HSC

The 2017 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) HSC Showcase Season has been launched today with the first showcase opening next week.

The showcases celebrate excellence across Creative Arts and Technology subjects in the HSC.

From the major projects and performances nominated by NESA HSC markers, the showcase curators select those that best demonstrate the diversity and talent of the state’s HSC students.

NESA CEO, David de Carvalho said NESA HSC Showcases are an important and ongoing feature of Sydney’s cultural and school calendar.

“This year, 398 students from the 2016 HSC have been selected for the showcases from 1680 high achieving students who were nominated from a total of 30511 Creative Arts and Technology students.

“I congratulate the selected students and acknowledge the quality and standard of the nominated students.”

“I also wish to recognise the great teachers and schools that have supported these high achieving students,” Mr Carvelho said.

The eight showcases are: ARTEXPRESS, Shape, Texstyle, InTECH, OnStage, Callback, Encore and WordeXpress.

In addition to the performances and exhibitions at the showcases, NESA organises information sessions for future HSC students and professional development marking sessions for teachers.

NESA replaced the Board of Studies, Teaching and Education Standards (BOSTES) on 1 January 2017.

MEDIA: Michael Charlton 0477 362 546



228 Visual Arts bodies of work have been selected from 512 high achievers nominated from a total of 8998 Visual Arts students. The bodies of work will appear in nine galleries across the state over the year, starting with the Art Gallery of NSW from 1 February.


38 major projects by Design and Technology, Textiles and Design and Industrial Technology students will be on display at the Powerhouse Museum from
24 February 2017 until 7 May 2017.

Shape includes:

  • 13 Industrial Technology projects from 215 high achievers nominated from a total of 5699 students.
  • 11 Textiles and Design projects from 40 high achievers nominated from a total of 1523 students.
  • 14 Design and Technology projects from 176 high achievers nominated from a total of 3245 students.

In addition to Shape, Texstyle, at The Stitches and Craft Show 2 to 5 March 2017, features 20 Textiles and Design major projects; and InTECH at the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show 23 to 25 June 2017, features over 50 Industrial Technology projects.


The Drama performances include eight individual performance and 10 groups comprising a total of 52 students. These students were selected from 136 individual high achievers and 300 students in group performance from a total of 4755 Drama students. The performances run from 6 to 10 February 2017 at the Seymour Centre. OnSTAGE included Writers OnSTAGE/OnSCREEN from 8 to 10 February 2017 which features rehearsed readings by professional actors and directors of two scripts and the screening of four videos. The OnSTAGE exhibition also features 25 individual projects exhibited in the foyer of the Seymour Centre from 4 to 10 February 2017. Projects will include costume and set design, promotion and program, and theatre review.


28 Dance students from 271 high achievers nominated from a total of 883 HSC Dance students have been selected for Callback. The selected students include 25 performers and composers and three dance films. Four Dance programs will be held at the Seymour Centre on 9 and 10 February.


Two Music programs will be held at the Opera House on 20 March including performances and student compositions. From 259 high achieving nominated performers 15 students have been selected, and for compositions, six students have been selected. There were 5458 Music students sitting the 2016 HSC.


Young Writers Showcase 2016, an anthology of major works by English Extension 2 students will be published and launched in August. There were 1629 students in this course.

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