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2017 NESA Timetable of Actions for Secondary Schools

The NESA Timetable of actions for secondary schools is a list of all the activities NESA requires schools to undertake and complete relating to Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students. These actions and the data collected support NESA credential each NSW school student as they complete their secondary education.

It includes items such as the opening dates for Schools Online functions, and the deadlines for submission of student-related data. Other important dates are also included, such as the HSC examination period, the date for release of results, etc.

The Timetable of actions for secondary schools is designed to help teachers and principals plan their school's activities and support their students. The list is provided as an Excel spreadsheet so that teachers and principals can filter information by different criteria such as date or study year. Each study year has also been given a different colour to make them easy to identify.

2017 NESA Timetable of actions for secondary schools
Updated January 2017

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