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HSC results services for students

NSW Higher School Certificate results are developed using fair, rigorous and publicly accountable processes. The integrity of HSC examinations and results is a prime concern of the NSW Education Standards Authority, which is continually expanding its results services for students, teachers and parents.

Understand HSC results and the systems behind determining and processing HSC results.

Students receive their HSC results each December via email and text message and the following services become available.

HSC Results Inquiry Centre – 1300 13 83 23

This telephone service is available for students to call on 1300 13 83 23 after results are released. The service is a valuable opportunity for you to talk with experienced NESA staff. You may discuss any concerns you have about your marks or ask specific questions about your results, which might include:

  • All of my school assessment marks were over 80, so why is my HSC assessment mark only 76?
  • Why was my illness/misadventure appeal unsuccessful?
  • I have an exam mark of 72 for Biology, why was I not placed in Band 4?
  • If I was ranked first in my school, why are my exam and assessment marks different?
  • My English marks are much lower than those in every other subject. Is there a mistake?

At peak times, you may experience a delay getting through to an operator. If you have forgotten your six-digit PIN, find out how to access your account and change your PIN.

Phone service operates 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (8.00 am on HSC Results Day). Closed weekends and public holidays and closing at 12.00 noon on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Cost is 40¢ per call, mobile calls cost extra.

Results Check, Mark Reports and Examination Responses services

Order these fee-based results services in the Results Services area of your Students Online account. Credit card transactions will incur a 0.4% surcharge. Orders will be delivered to your account within 20 working days. 

These services are availability (for 2016 HSC students) from 19 December 2016 to 3 June 2017.

 For 2016 HSC students, your Students Online account closes 30 June 2017 so ensure you save/print your order before then.

HSC Results Check

If you feel an examination mark is not consistent with your expectation, the HSC Results Check service is available for a small fee per course. This service is an opportunity to confirm your marks were processed correctly. It does not involve a re-mark of examination responses. 

The HSC Results Check service verifies:

  • the marker’s intention for each mark awarded, as recorded on the original source document, has been accurately captured on the NESA system
  • where any question is recorded as a non-attempt, the student has not made an attempt at the question
  • for responses marked digitally onscreen, the student's whole response has been accurately scanned and indexed to the correct student/course/question
  • the objective responses on the system match the student’s intentions as recorded on their multiple-choice answer sheet
  • any other variations such as a student attempting incorrect combinations of question options.

$33.60 for English (Standard) and English (Advanced)
$17.30 per course for all other courses

HSC Raw Mark Reports service

You can request a report of your raw examination marks for each course you studied. This service is not a re-mark of examination responses. 

An HSC Raw Marks Report lists the raw mark you were allocated for each examination question and your raw examination mark in a course.

The NESA marking process allocates raw marks for your examination responses and determines your raw examination mark, which is then aligned to the standards to determine your Examination Mark, as reported on your HSC
Record of Achievement.

 These are the steps in this process: 

Description: raw marks process graph

  1. Your teacher marks your assessment tasks and submits your school assessment mark to NESA.
  2. NESA marks your examination responses and determines your raw examination mark.
  3. NESA moderates your school group’s school assessment marks using your group’s raw examination marks.
  4. NESA aligns your raw examination mark to determine your HSC Examination Mark.
  5. NESA aligns your moderated assessment mark to determine your HSC Assessment Mark.
  6. Your HSC mark is calculated using your HSC Examination Mark and HSC Assessment Mark.

A Raw Marks Report includes a results check if this has not already been ordered.

You can also request a copy of your  examination responses

$6.10 per course, plus the cost of a results check if this has not already been ordered. 

HSC Examination Responses service

You can request a copy of your examination responses for each course you studied that had a written examination. This service is not a re-mark of examination responses.

Each response is a copy of what you wrote only, and does not contain any marks allocated by the marker(s).

A request for examination responses includes a results check if this has not already been ordered.

You may also request a report of the raw marks allocated for each question in your examination response.

The final date for requesting this service is 3 June 2017. Requests after this date are not able to be processed as examination responses are routinely destroyed in July of the following year. 

$35.60 per course, plus the cost of a results check if this has not already been ordered. 

Services provided by other organisations

Careers Advisory Service – A free phone and email service offered by the NSW Department of Education and available after results are released in December. The service provides students and their families or caregivers with up-to-date, relevant and impartial information about the range of available career and study options.

From 19 to 21 December 2016 careers advisers will be available on 1300 300 687 from 9am to 5pm, or via the website to answer enquiries.

TAFE NSW The largest provider of vocational education and training in Australia. Many HSC courses give students credit towards TAFE credentials. Credit can be gained from general courses, such as Geography and Visual Arts, as well as from courses that include vocational units of competency.

Students may also undertake TAFE study prior to enrolling in university. Universities Australia has developed, with participating universities, national credit transfer arrangements for holders of TAFE qualifications in 15 broad fields of study.

Smart and Skilled program – The NSW Department of Education's program which allows school leavers aged 15 years or older to enrol in government subsidised Vocational Education and Training (VET) up to and including Cert III, either at TAFE or another approved private or community training provider.

Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) The HSC results are used by the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to calculate a rank order of students known as the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). The ATAR is not a mark, nor is it a summary of the HSC. It is a ranking system used to allocate university placements.

More results information

See results services for schools and when results are released.


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