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Getting your results

Your HSC results, Year 11 and Year 10 grades are available to view in your Students Online personal account as soon as they are released by NESA.

Delivery of 2017 HSC results

HSC results will be delivered via email and text message from 6.00am on Thursday, 14 December 2017. You will also be able to access your results on this day by logging in to your Students Online account.

See the table below for how your results will appear as a text message.

SMS sample

What sample represents

NSW NESA 2017 

NESA NSW 2017 Results

EngAd 85 5 

English (Advanced), HSC Mark 85, Band 5

FrenB 85 5 

French Beginners, HSC Mark 85, Band 5

Geog 81 5 

Geography, HSC Mark 81, Band 5

GMaths 72 4 

General Mathematics, HSC Mark 72, Band 4

HistX 43 E3 

History Extension, HSC Mark 43, Band E3

Mhist 91 6 

Modern History, HSC Mark 91, Band 6

HSC Credential

From Wednesday 21 December 2017, you can download your NESA credential as a free PDF via your Students Online account. Your HSC credentials will include a HSC Testamur, Record of Achievement detailing your Year 12, 11 and 10 results, and personalised course reports for relevant HSC courses. After downloading, remember to save or print your credentials as your Students Online account will only remain open until 30 June, 2018. 

View examples of the HSC credentials.

In addition to your free HSC credential as a PDF, eligible students will receive a hard copy HSC Testamur in the post between 18 – 20 January 2018. You can order a further copy of your HSC Testamur or a printed copy of your HSC Credential Package, including Record of Achievement and course reports, via your Students Online account for a small fee.

Check your contact details now

It is your responsibility to ensure your details are correct. Go to Personal details in your Students Online account, and check:

  • Is the email address the one you use most often? Remember, you will have left school when the results are delivered, so your school email may not be the best one.
  • Is your postal address correct? Your HSC Testamur will be posted to the address appearing here.
  • Is your name spelt correctly? There is a $17.00 charge if NESA needs to reprint your HSC Testamur due to incorrect spelling, so make sure it is correct.

You are able to update your email address, mobile number and postal address yourself, but your school must update your name for you.