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1.2. Rights and responsibilities

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1.2 Rights and responsibilities of students in ensuring the intellectual integrity of their work

As a student you have a right to expect:

  • respect from your peers and your teachers
  • clear information about what is required in your assessment tasks and assignments
  • guidance about how to improve your work.

As a student you have a responsibility to:

  • understand what is required of you
  • fulfil the school's requirements for your study
  • be fair and honest in all aspects of your work
  • respect the rights and integrity of your peers and teachers
  • make sure your work is your own.

What can students expect in terms of guidance for the HSC and assessment?

There are a lot of things that the Board of Studies and schools put in place to ensure that students can access the information they need.

  • There is a booklet for students that explains the rules and procedures for the HSC as well as advice about honest study and avoiding plagiarism Rules and Procedures for the HSC (Board of Studies NSW) and a webpage advising about assessments, submitted works, honest study and avoiding plagiarism HSC Assessments and Submitted works - Advice to Students
  • The school has an assessment policy that explains the school's requirements and what students should do if, for example, they are absent for a task.
  • Each school will give students information about each task and when it is due.
  • For help with research tasks, teachers and the teacher-librarian assist students with accessing. and using information as well as correctly acknowledging sources.

As a student, your most important responsibility is to make sure that everything you do for the HSC is all your own work.

These documents will be important for every HSC student:

Why do you think these documents are important?

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