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3.5 Information from the Web and Plagiarism

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3.5 What are the implications for plagiarism of accessing information from the world wide web?

Consider these situations

You decide to download an essay from the internet which answers the same topic that you have been set as an assessment task.

You compile a research assignment by copying and pasting numerous sections of your assignment from different web sources. Because this is a 'new' piece of work, you don't see it as plagiarism as you have found the information and made informed selections from it.

You have been part of an online discussion board. Many of the contributors have posted some really useful information that you use for an assessment task. As it's an online group, you believe your teacher will never know it's not your own work.

What are the implications in terms of plagiarism?
What should you do?


Information overload
Information quality
The temptation to plagiarise


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