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Advice for HSC drama performances

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What to expect during your drama performance exam

Group and Individual Performances will be marked by visiting markers from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) towards the end of Term 3. Generally, there will be two or three markers. Your Drama teacher may be part of the audience but may not perform any technical operations during the performances. HSC students are not allowed to see other HSC students' performance examinations.

The Drama performance examinations may be scheduled for any time between 8:30am and 5:00pm. Each student doing an individual project in performance will present their group performance before their individual performance.

Time limits are enforced. Markers will stop performances that go over time, and performances which are under time will generally not meet the marking criteria for the top range.

Group Performance

The Group Performance should be 8-12 minutes long

Your teacher will ask you to complete a Group performance certification form before the examination. This will be signed by each student, the teacher and the Principal. Before the examination, your teacher will take your photograph while you are in character for the Group Performance, and attach it to the Group Photo Sheet against your student number. Just before the examination starts, the markers will ask you to line up in the order of the photographs so that they can record descriptions of you before the performance begins. This is to ensure that the markers record the correct marks against the correct student number.

After the performance is over, the markers will ask you to take part in a brief interaction. This interaction is not marked, but helps the markers to confirm their impressions. During the interaction, you may be asked to present your logbook for markers to look at.

Individual Performance

The Individual Performance should be 6-8 minutes long.

The markers will stop the performance if you go over time. Again, your teacher will give you a Certification form to sign prior to the examination. There is no interaction after the individual performance.

All performances

Illness and Misadventure – If you are feeling ill on the day of your performance examination, notify your Drama teacher immediately. NESA does not allow performance examinations to be rescheduled due to illness.

Production Effects – Keep all production effects such as costumes, sets, lighting, video, film, sound and technical support to a minimum. Performances that rely on technical or special effects will not get extra credit.

Technical equipment – Students who are not current HSC students can operate lighting and technical equipment, and set and remove props. Teachers, parents and members of the public may be not be involved in the production in any way.

Mobile phones – HSC students are not permitted to take a mobile telephone into any examination. An exception is made for Drama where the mobile phone is being used to play music and/or sound effect. In such cases, you must advise the markers prior to commencing your examination. The mobile phone must be in flight mode; if the phone rings during the performance, mark penalties may apply.

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