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School assessment

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Your school will run an assessment program for each HSC course, following NESA’s requirements. The program usually involves three to five assessment tasks, each contributing to your total school assessment mark.

At the start of Year 12, you will get information from school about the assessment program for each of your courses, including:

  • a description of each task and its requirements

  • how much each task is worth (its ‘weighting’)

  • when it will be sat or when it is due

  • how it will be marked.

After each task, the school will give you detailed feedback on how well you did and how you can improve. Tasks you do later in the year are usually worth more than those done earlier.

Calculating school assessment marks

When the assessment program ends, your school will add up the marks you received for each task and apply any weightings. This school assessment mark is sent to NESA, where we store it until the exams are marked.

We don’t tell students their submitted school assessment marks because we must still moderate these marks and align them to achievement standards. You will instead receive a report showing your ‘rank’ (position in your school group) in each course, based on your school assessment mark.

Appealing school assessment ranks

You can ask your school to review this rank if you don’t think it correctly reflects your performance, and can appeal to NESA if you are unhappy with the school’s response. There are specific processes and requirements for reviews and appeals. For example, you can’t appeal your marks for individual tasks. Read more about the appeals process in the HSC Rules and Procedures guide.