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Mathematics Advanced and Extension

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Further consultation on Stage 6 Mathematics Advanced and Extension syllabuses

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is releasing final drafts of the Stage 6 Mathematics Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2 syllabuses for further, targeted consultation.

The Mathematics Standard and Life Skills syllabuses have been released for familiarisation and planning ahead of implementation for Year 11 students in 2018.

In line with the decision by the former BOSTES Board in December 2016 the calculus-based courses (Mathematics Advanced, Extension 1, and Extension 2 syllabuses) are circulated for further consultation. 

Following consultation on the initial draft syllabuses in July and August 2016, a number of significant changes were made in response to feedback from the mathematics community. 

This final round of consultation allows teachers and academics to review the final drafts, and for NESA to ensure the academic rigour of the syllabuses.

NESA is providing further opportunity for comment on the following: 
  • the continuum and recognition of prior learning from Stage 5 to Stage 6, such as in Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics and Geometry
  • integration of geometry and proof across a range of topics
  • reduction in the amount of content to provide greater opportunities for deeper learning and application of knowledge and skills
  • inclusion of statistics in recognition of its ever-increasing relevance and use, and
  • integration and use of technology.
The consultation on the final draft syllabuses commences 21 February and closes on 14 March 2017. 

Please complete the survey to provide your feedback, or email your responses to

For additional information, please contact Anna Wethereld, Inspector, Mathematics and Numeracy on 9367 8103.

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