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Submitting work samples

If a school is required to submit student work samples to NESA, they will usually be informed in Term 1 to ensure there is time for the work samples to be reviewed and feedback to be provided to schools before grades are due in Term 4. If you are asked to provide work samples, instructions on how to upload the samples and associated assessment activities will be provided. Not all schools will be asked to submit work samples.

Work sample formats

Work samples and activities should be kept in a format that can be uploaded electronically. Suitable formats include Word documents, PDFs, photographs and audio/audiovisual files.

Schools will usually be asked to provide three to five work samples for an identified course with the associated assessment activity. The grade which each work sample represents should be indicated.

Student names do not need to be included on work samples. Any reference to school or student names will be removed or obscured, along with any identifying marks prior to the work samples being reviewed by a panel of subject specialists.

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