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Students can study one or more Life Skills courses at any time during Years 7–12. The appropriate timing of the decision to study a Life Skills course is guided by the needs of the student and the collaborative curriculum planning process.

Years 7–10

Each Years 7–10 syllabus includes a Life Skills course option. Indicative hours for these courses are the same as the regular courses. These hours are outlined in the mandatory curriculum requirements.

Years 11–12

In Stage 6, there is at least one Life Skills course for each key learning area. Each Stage 6 Life Skills course comprises a:

  • 2-unit Year 11 course (120 hours)
  • 2-unit Year 12 course (120 hours)

with the exception of Studies of Religion I Life Skills, which is a 1-unit course (60 hours).

What if I want to run a Life Skills course at my school but the NSW Education Standards Authority doesn’t have a syllabus for this course?

Schools may develop Life Skills courses in areas where there is no Board Developed syllabus at any time, if appropriate to the needs of their students. If a school would like the course to be credentialed on a student’s RoSA or HSC, the course must be endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority through an application for a School Developed Course.

What exclusions apply to Life Skills courses?

In Years 7–10, students may not study more than one course from the same syllabus. For example, a student may not study both Stage 5 Science and Science Life Skills.

In Stage 6, students may not study more than one 240-hour course in the same subject. For example, a student cannot study both English Studies and English Life Skills. Students studying one or more Life Skills courses from the:

  • Stage 6 Creative Arts Life Skills Syllabus
  • Stage 6 Technology Life Skills Syllabus
  • Stage 6 Human Society and Its Environment Life Skills Syllabus

should not repeat modules in any of these courses.

For example, if a student is studying Stage 6 Creative Arts Life Skills and Stage 6 Music Life Skills then outcomes and content from the Music module cannot be used in the Creative Arts course.

Satisfactory completion of the Year 11 course or its equivalent is a prerequisite for entry into a Year 12 course. This includes Stage 6 Life Skills courses.

More information can be found in the HSC course descriptions.

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