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Accessing the curriculum

All students are entitled to participate in and progress through the NSW curriculum. Schools need to provide adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment activities for some students with special education needs. Adjustments are actions taken that enable a student with special education needs to access syllabus outcomes and content and demonstrate achievement of outcomes.

Decisions regarding curriculum options, including adjustments, should be made in the context of collaborative curriculum planning. This planning is done with the student, parent/carer, teachers and other significant individuals. It should be appropriate for the needs, strengths, goals, interests and prior learning of each student.

Students with special education needs can access the syllabus outcomes and content in a range of ways. They can do this with or without adjustments as appropriate.

In Kindergarten to Year 10, students with special education needs may engage with:

  • syllabus outcomes and content; or
  • selected outcomes and content appropriate to their learning needs; or
  • outcomes from an earlier stage, using age-appropriate content; or
  • selected Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes and content from one or more syllabuses (for students in Years 7–10).

In Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12), students may engage with:

  • Stage 6 syllabus outcomes and content; or
  • selected Stage 6 Life Skills outcomes and content from one or more Stage 6 Life Skills syllabuses.

The following presentations provide an overview of requirements for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and the Higher School Certificate (HSC). These include curriculum options for students with special education needs:

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